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Staff Applications

Post by Lolepic on Sun Jan 22, 2017 8:59 pm

In Game Name: lolepic
**Real Age: 14
Time zone or where you live: Washington (NOT WASHINGTON DC)

What position would you like to apply for?: Admin
What can you contribute to the server?: Advice, Service (Help,Recommendations, etc). Some rules, Not Disobeying the rules, Report anything Asap. Making sure everyone feels Happy and safe.

Previous Staff Experience: Builder,Admin,Co-Leader, Leader
Experience on commands and plugins:
Well... I know some commands, No plugins though.
What do you think we should do to improve RG MCPE?: Chat blockers, Idling (Atleast 5 min limit)
Some special or unique traits about yourself:
Kind, caring, Creative, Sometimes a great detailer on buildings. Good at rules, Plannings, Reporter.


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