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Staff Application

Post by KRTheCreator on Wed Jan 25, 2017 9:51 am

In Game Name: KRTheCreator (Preferred to be call Shu)
**Real Age: 15 (This Year 2017)
Time zone or where you live: GMT+08:00

What position would you like to apply for?: Admin or Moderator
What can you contribute to the server?: Law and Order as well as ideas

Previous Staff Experience: Builder but due to the lack of building skill feels unsure to have that postion, Admin, Owner and Head Admin

Experience on commands and plugins: Most Of the Commands and Block ID's as well as good in using world edit

What do you think we should do to improve RG MCPE?: A beach and a pool party with bikinis... And maybe a more friendly atmosphere

Some special or unique traits about yourself: has a flat butt, Youtuber, an imaginative fan fiction writer who wrote a fanfic since 2015 and they are still on going till today, Pro in Project Diva games apparently, Friendly, Kind Hearted, Serious with his duties, Obediently follows womens orders, likes to be called Shu-chan or Shuu-Chan but ship is only for SB

Contact Info: Insta: shu_krtc Twitter: KR_senpai


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